NO Assembly Required

Your “baby” wants her first bicycle!  You go to the store, you inspect every 2-wheeler (with training wheels) and you compare prices.  Your little “Dora the Explorer” will be cruising the driveway in no time!

BUT WAIT… you’ve been standing in the same aisle for 30 minutes… you’re trying to decide between TWO great prospects.  One bike comes with a bell and streamers… but the kicker is, “Assembly Required.”  Ugh!  The other bike doesn’t come with the bell or streamers… it’s $30 more… and look, “NO Assembly Required.”  What do you do?

I know… “will favorite Uncle Sonny help me put this thing together so I can save $30?”  Hmm…. “Uncle Sonny hates asking for directions… is he really going to read the instructions?”  Chances are, you’ll pay the extra $30 to save on time and to insure safety.  It’s cheaper to buy the bell and streamers separately, anyway… right?

What does this have to do with Real Estate?  Well… I’m glad you asked…  Here’s the new topic for today… “Property Preparation” … to Fix or not to Fix…


Texas law requires all real estate license holders to provide the Information About Brokerage Services to all prospective clients. TREC’s Consumer Protection Notice.


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