A STORY: Culebra Rd and Red Lobster

In late 1986, my Dad received his USMC Orders to transfer from Beaufort, South Carolina to San Antonio, TX. Our REALTOR® (at the time) drove us through new neighborhoods around the Ingram Mall area, since Dad’s new recruiting office was off of Ingram Rd.

Weaving through construction zones and trying to avoid pot holes, the REALTOR® kept our focus on the “growing community.” Dad asked when the construction was scheduled for completion; the REALTOR® chuckled and said,

“It’ll be done by the time you move into your new home in January (1987).  If it isn’t, I’ll treat your family to dinner at Red Lobster!”

Well, for those of you who know the area… there is STILL construction on Culebra Rd!  Here we are in 2011, and the orange barricades are as much of the community as La Popular Bakery. 🙂

Oh, as for “Red Lobster,” we didn’t hear from the REALTOR® after we moved in… BUT we found him years later…

In 1990, Dad retired from the Marine Corps and began a career in Real Estate.  In 1998, I became a REALTOR®.  In 2005, my brother Andy received his real estate license.  Guess who was our Real Estate Instructor? Haha!  That poor REALTOR®… there was no escaping us.

Without knowing, we each shared our “Red Lobster” story with the REALTOR®/Instructor (jokingly of course).  Finally, after hearing the story for the third time, he followed through with his promise and gave us a gift card to Red Lobster!  We got the family together (adding spouses and children)… we shared a good laugh and a basket of cheddar biscuits, compliments of our REALTOR® friend!

Lesson #1: The Aranda Family will never forget a promise.

Lesson #2:  I don’t think construction on Culebra will EVER end!  lol!

P.S.  The city proposes a construction completion in the Fall of 2011… however… I’m NOT making any promises.  😉



Val J Aranda, REALTOR®

2012 NW Military Highway, San Antonio, TX 78213
Call/Text Val: 210-378-5987


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