My SandFest Story

 [APRIL 2011] – This past weekend I packed my flip-flops and sunscreen and headed out to Port Aransas.  I heard about a Sand Sculpture Contest along the beach of Port A.  So… I rode “across the land, kicking up sand;” I just had to check it out!

The “TEXAS SANDFEST” was the place for “gritty” competition.  From the Amateurs to the Professionals, there were incredible sand masterpieces.

Here are a few of my favorites…

“I gotta tell you, Doc… I just feel like a nut!”

I never saw the artist work on this sculpture.  We arrived late Friday night… apparently, piles of sand were left along the beach earlier in the day.  The artists claimed their pile and started their work early Friday.

Saturday morning, the Doc was sculpted into his chair.  We had NO IDEA what was coming!  By noon Sunday, this piece was complete.  WHAT A NUTTY CONCEPT!  I think this should win the grand prize!


Helping Hands for Japan

Most of the sand sculptures did not have titles.  It was left to our imagination.  This particular piece made me think of the natural disasters recently reported in Japan, and the “helping hands” from around the globe.

I was in awe over the details and the size of the piece.  Look at all that sand under the nails!  🙂


Waiting at the Bus Stop

The expressions on these people’s faces were captivating.  The hair, the clothes, the perfect placement of each individual… WOW!

This sculpture was fantastic!

Not sure what this guy was doing.  He was at the foreground of the display.  Maybe he was “thinking” about catching the bus???


This next Sand Sculpture blew me away!  Of course, when I noticed the “house,” I had to stop in my tracks!  When I first saw the piece (before it was completed), I saw a house on top of, what appeared to be, a pile of money.  I thought the final piece was going to illustrate a positive Real Estate story.

I was a little disappointed with the outcome because it wasn’t a positive message.  It is, however, today’s reality.  Again, this piece didn’t have a title, but it certainly told a story…

"Keeping up with the Joneses"

“Try and keep up with the Joneses, and you’ll end up buried in debt… and your family will suffer the consequences!”

The house sits on a pile of “Stuff.”  An X-Box, a diamond ring, a pile of money and other materialistic things that push us over the financial edge!

In my line of work, this “story” is quite heart-breaking!  Buying a home is a dream for most people.  Trying to keep up with every day expenses and falling into the trap of the “Joneses” is an easy path to to get lost on.


For the Family displayed in this Art Piece, keeping up with the Joneses has resulted in a slew of “Past Due” notices pouring out of the mailbox and a Dream Home at risk of foreclosure.

Deed and Past Due Notices coming out of the Mailbox

The wife and children look on while the husband struggles to stay above ground.  Instead of “Home Sweet Home,” this has become a nightmare of “Home Sweet Stuff!” 


Despite the somber mood this last Sand Sculpture expresses, I have to say this weekend trip was a wonderful idea!  I do believe we found a new tradition.  Next year, we’ll take the rest of the family!  I’m excited to see what next year’s Sandfest will bring.



I am a Texas REALTOR.  My goal is to help families find their dream homes and to keep them.  I don’t sell houses trying to close the next, “BIG DEAL.”  I find homes that fit a budget… I find homes a family can live in and grow in.  If there’s a family change that puts the home at risk, there are ways to avoid losing EVERYTHING!  ~Val~

Texas law requires all real estate license holders to provide the Information About Brokerage Services to all prospective clients. TREC’s Consumer Protection Notice.


Published by AgentVal

Val's architectural studies, military background, and love for teaching became the pathway to her real estate career. From day one, she realized that the grand world of real estate was more than just closing deals, that it was about building relationships, building trust, and building opportunities for everyone to become a homeowner. Since 1998, Val has dedicated herself to coaching home buyers, home sellers, and home investors with integrity, honesty, experience, and resourcefulness. Whether buying or selling a small tract of land or a luxury estate, Val believes every client deserves eXtraordinary first-class service.

2 thoughts on “My SandFest Story

  1. Hi, Jon! Thank you so much for your feedback and for announcing the winners! We remember seeing “sanddad” somewhere… were you one of the artists?

  2. The sculpture with the peanut was titled “Gotta tell ya Doc, I just feel like a nut!”
    >>>>> A fun piece. No idea of any hidden meanings. [2nd place solos]

    The sculpture with the temple in the hands was titles “In Budha’s Hands”
    >>>>> Unsure of any “meant” tie to Japan. No idea of any hidden meanings.

    The sculpture with the bus stop was titled “The Stranger”
    >>>>> This artist puposely leaves you to decide what it means. [1st place solos]

    The sculpture with the house sitting on money was titled “Buried in debt”.
    >>>>> It represents a man who works to amass all this “stuff” (house, money, electronics of all sorts, etc), who barely knows his wife and children (why they have no faces) and figures out in the end as he is dying what was really important (he is reaching to the family), but it’s too late, he is being pulled into the ground to be “buried”. “Priorities realized… too late.” Was another title for it, but the “Buried in debt” won the coin toss. [1st place duos]

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