Hollywood Park Home



Utility Room

“Wood” you do something different to this kitchen?  The potential buyer liked the feel of this home.  It reminded him of the home he grew up in.

Would YOU make a low-ball offer even though you like this 70’s design?

If the 70’s-Style was MY bag, baby… I would certainly start with a lower offer.  The Seller is probably expecting it anyway.  Might as well try to get a steal of a deal!  Who knows, you might have money left over for the shag carpet and disco ball!  🙂

The kitchen was quite spacious and pretty functional.  The oven was a bit small, but there’s lots of potential in this cooking area!

Take a look at this hypnotizing Laundry Room!

Check out the floor —->>>

Some newer homes have such small utility rooms.  This utility room was nice and big.  While the Buyers liked the size of this one, they were also pretty intrigued by the age of the Washer and Dryer.  (I wonder if they still work??)

Dining Area

The whole house had a great flow, large rooms and lots of wood paneling.  We passed through the kitchen, cruised through the Laundry Room and stood quietly in the Dining Room. I think we all had mixed feelings at first.

 After looking around and soaking it all in, I have to confess… I TOTALLY DIG THIS DINING AREA!  My Client made a great observation.  She said it felt like the outside was brought inside.  She was SO right on!  It felt like we were under a covered patio.  The only things missing were the margarita, chips and salsa!

Master Bedroom

I don’t even know what to say about the Master Bedroom.  I walked in looking for carpeted walls.  I stood here to take this picture and I heard my Client in the other room yell, “NO WAY!  THIS IS VELVET!”

I followed his voice as it echoed down the hall… and lo and behold…


DOGGONE VELVET WALLPAPER!  Go ahead… I know you want to touch it!  🙂

SHOWING RESULTS:  Home tours #1 and #2 were in the Timberwood Park area.  This was tour #3.  I was surprised that this home was actually in the running.  It definitely stood out!

While the Timberwood Park Homes were newer, this home offered so much space.  And with it being in the Hollywood Park area, you really can’t go wrong.  Whoever buys this will spend a pretty penny to update it, but they will build some SERIOUS equity in return!


Ok… here’s one last photo… a close-up of the Velvet Wallpaper.  I couldn’t resist!  (You’re welcome!)  😀

Texas law requires all real estate license holders to provide the Information About Brokerage Services to all prospective clients. TREC’s Consumer Protection Notice.


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