BUYERS CAN HAVE LEVERAGE!  Don’t let anyone tell you differently.  One seller lost out on my Buyer’s offer because he didn’t want to budge on his price or on closing costs. The Seller would rather wait and see if his “back-up” buyer fixes his credit and pays full price.  He HOPES the back-up buyer comes back and closes before the end of the year.

On another transaction, my other Buyer-Client was much more successful.  The Seller is going to pay all of my Client’s closing costs because he knows we will close before Christmas.  NOW THAT’S A SWEET DEAL!

How can a Buyer get leverage?  Get pre-approved first.

FACT:  When a Buyer has a pre-approval letter, it shows he/she has acceptable credit to buy a home.  When a Seller receives an offer with a pre-approval letter attached, the Buyer has a huge advantage.

If you don’t have a Mortgage Lender, contact your Real Estate Professional.  He/She will help point you in the right direction.

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Agent Val A., Offering ‘Valet’ Real Estate Service Around the Clock!

If you have general real estate questions, I’m always on-call.  Whether you’re a Home Buyer, Home Seller or a Tenant… I’ll gladly tailor my service to suit your needs.


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