Between Friends (Newsletter) 2012

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“Between Friends” – Jul 2012
In this Month’s Issue:
Health & Safety:  Sharpen Your Memory
Helpful Hints:  Beating Procrastination
Savor the Flavor-Recipe:  Greek Grilled Cheese
Brain Teasers:  Olympic Trivia
Household Tips:  Ideas for Creative Reuse

In this Month’s Issue:
Health & Safety:  Guidelines for Child Safety Seats
Helpful Hints:  Finding the Best Airfare
Savor the Flavor-Recipe:  Chicken Salad Balsamic
Real Estate Today:  Get to Know the Neighborhood Before You Buy
Household Tips:  Fresh Ideas for Tiling Walls

In this Month’s Issue:
Health & Safety:  Meditation Made Easy
Helpful Hints:  Family Vacations that Won’t Break the Bank
Savor the Flavor-Recipe:  Brown Sugar Meatloaf
Brain Teasers:  Greek Mythology
Household Tips:  Homemade Laundry Detergent

Between Friends-Apr2012
In this Month’s Issue:
Health & Safety:  Simple Tips to Secure Your Home
Helpful Hints:  Tax Technology to Simplify Your Life
Savor the Flavor-Recipe:  Homemade Energy Bars
Real Estate Today:  Increasing Curb Appeal
Household Tips:  Speed Cleaning

In this Month’s Issue:
Health & Safety:  Drink to Your Health
Helpful Hints:  Keep Your Car Clean and Green
Savor the Flavor-Recipe:  Cabbage and Pasta Slaw
Brain Teaser- Decade Quiz:  The 60’s
Household Tips:  Get Best Results from Your Dishwasher

Between Friends-February 2012
In this Month’s Issue:
Health & Safety:  Safety on the Road
Helpful Hints:  Consider Bamboo
Savor the Flavor-Recipe:  Southwestern Grilled Tri-Tip
Real Estate Today:  Tips for First-Time Home Buyers
Household Tips:  Increase Your Car’s Resale Value

Between Friends-Jan2012
In this Month’s Issue:
Health & Safety:  Protect Against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Helpful Hints:  Set SMART Goals
Savor the Flavor-Recipe:  Black Bean and Corn Salsa
Brain Teasers- The “Grand” Grand Canyon
Household Tips:  Great Reasons to Compost


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