RECIPE: Chocolate Chip Easter Baskets

(Re-Blogged.  Recipe and Instructions are added below)  09 April 2012.


Happy Easter, friends!  It’s 1:00 am Sunday morning, and we just finished the so-called, ”quick and easy,” dessert.  We detoured from the original recipe and made a few substitutions.  After some trial and error (and three hours later), we finally have our Chocolate Chip Easter Baskets!

I’ll add our ”How-To” tomorrow.  Right now, this Easter bunny is hitting the hay!

********** UPDATED 09 April 2012 ************ OUR “HOW-TO” IS SHOWN BELOW *************

Toll-House Cookie Dough
Chocolate Frosting
Edible (Easter) Grass
Jelly Beans

1.  Using a Pizza cutter, I cut the Twizzlers in half length-wise and then cut them long enough to make a “handle.”  (about 3″ to 5″ inches long).  The original recipe called for “thin-string licorice.”  We couldn’t find any, so we compromised.

2.  I forgot to take a photo of the muffin pan and the dough placement.  We purchased the cookie dough “roll” not the “tub” or the “squares.”  We sliced the dough about 1/4″ thick and placed them in a non-greased muffin pan and shaped to cover the bottom of each muffin cup.  When they bake, they will naturally spread and shape into the muffin form.

3.  Bake the chocolate chip “muffins” at 350 degrees for about 14-17 minutes (until golden brown).

4.  As soon as the muffin-shaped chocolate chip cookies are done, remove them from the muffin pan.  When you flip the cookies right side up, the center will sink just enough to make the cookies look like a basket.

5.  Using a toothpick, QUICKLY poke holes large enough for the Twizzler ends to fit in each side of the cookie (to make the handles).  It’s so much easier to poke the holes and fit the Twizzlers while the cookie is still very warm.  When the cookie cools, it will hold the Twizzlers in place.  We used toothpicks to hold the “handles” upright until the cookie cooled completely.

6.  Once the cookies cool and the Twizzlers are in place, add the icing on top.  The original recipe called for white icing with green food coloring added.  We decided to use chocolate icing instead.

7.  Using kitchen scissors, we cut the edible grass into small “blades of grass.”  We then added the “grass” on top of the icing.  (You can also use sweetened flaked coconut with green food coloring).  

  8.  Top grass with Jelly Beans and you’re all done!

These Easter Baskets were fun to make (after we got the hang of it) and they were a HUGE hit at the parties.  They can be used for ANY spring gathering… Mother’s Day, baby shower, etc…  ENJOY!


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