Happy Monday! As promised, I added the recipe and instructions for the Chocolate Chip Easter Baskets. They’re so cute, you can use them for any Spring party! ENJOY! ~Val~

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(Re-Blogged.  Recipe and Instructions are added below)  09 April 2012.


Happy Easter, friends!  It’s 1:00 am Sunday morning, and we just finished the so-called, ”quick and easy,” dessert.  We detoured from the original recipe and made a few substitutions.  After some trial and error (and three hours later), we finally have our Chocolate Chip Easter Baskets!

I’ll add our ”How-To” tomorrow.  Right now, this Easter bunny is hitting the hay!

********** UPDATED 09 April 2012 ************ OUR “HOW-TO” IS SHOWN BELOW *************

Toll-House Cookie Dough
Chocolate Frosting
Edible (Easter) Grass
Jelly Beans

1.  Using a Pizza cutter, I cut the Twizzlers in half length-wise and then cut them long enough to make a “handle.”  (about 3″ to 5″ inches long).  The original recipe called for “thin-string licorice.”  We couldn’t find any, so we compromised.

2.  I forgot to take a photo of the muffin pan and the dough…

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