Blogging for Breakfast

I’ve been going through articles this morning, trying to catch up on some local news. I’m getting side-tracked with my phone notifications from Facebook. *SQUIRREL*  Oh, Fiesta… you bring out the “happy” in people!  🙂

Fiesta makes me think of food… thoughts of food reminds me that I’m hungry.  I haven’t had breakfast yet, and it’s already time for lunch.  So, I’ll let the stomach growls go on a little longer while I finish my coffee. Maybe if I write about food, the pains will cease and I’ll feel full. *wishful thinking*

Here we go… “Blogging for Breakfast.”

I came across the results for The Current’s, “2012 Best of San Antonio.”  After reviewing the winners of the “Best of…” I wondered who really votes on this poll?  I think there are two types of folks who vote…

TYPE #1:  “I don’t like change!”  These are the folks who have been going to the SAME places for years.  Whether they don’t like change or it’s just for nostalgia, this group keeps the “Ding How” Chinese Restaurant in the top three.  REALLY?  Oh, and best barbecue… “Rudy’s.”  C’mon, guys… Think outside of the barbecue sauce!

TYPE #2:  “I want to be a food critic when I grow up.”  Now, these guys know food!  They hop from place to place, they try new dishes and they don’t mind being on the waiting list for that brand-spankin’ new eatery.

I think I’m more of a Type #2.  I enjoy trying new places.  Yes, of course, my Mom’s food is the best in the world, but when I can’t have Mom’s meals, I’ll grab my bow and arrow and hunt for my own food.  THE HUNT… I draw the arrow back, wait for the right moment, stand very still, take shallow breaths, and release… “whisssssk!”  The best kill for barbecue?  My vote went for the Barbecue Station off 410 East near the Harry Wurzbach exit.

A few months ago, my loan officer and I catered a dinner for our client’s house-warming party.  We put on our aprons and served the guests.  Not wanting the typical “Bill Millers” or “Rudy’s B-B-Q” (that we get at Quinceañeras and Weddings), I surfed the web and read reviews to find the “best barbecue in San Antonio.”  The Barbecue Station grabbed my attention, so I gave it a whirl.  One thing I learned from my Uncle Rudy Ancira about bbq, if you need to add sauce, it’s not good!  In my opinion, Rudy’s BBQ (not referring to my uncle) has the BEST sauce and the BEST cream corn.  I really can’t say they have the best barbecue.

The brisket at The Barbecue Station… “NO SAUCE REQUIRED!”  It was absolutely scrumptious.  I had SUCH a hard time serving the guests that night… “one slice for you, sneak two bites for me… one slice for you, sneak brisket in my pocket for later.”  It was one of the BEST briskets I’ve had in a long while!

Other categories…

Best Barbacoa – I don’t eat this very often.  When I do, I usually truck on over to “Rachel’s” off Pinn Rd and 151.  Why?  Because my father-in-law (may he rest in peace) told me about that place.  So, there it is… my nostalgic moment.

Best Late Night Eats (Best Bakery, Best Menudo) – Every time I have late night munchies, I wish there was something other than greasy fast food and Mexican food.  I’m not surprised “Mi Tierra” made the list, but this place ranks number one.  There has to be something better out there.  If there isn’t, someone needs to work on this problem… or… bring “Maggie’s” back.  Remember that place?  That was the ULTIMATE late night restaurant.  Best Bakery and Best Menudo?  Mi Tierra takes the ribbon, according to voters.

For the other thirty-five categories, visit The San Antonio Current’s site for all of “2012’s Best of San Antonio.”  Did your favorites make the list?  Feel free to share your favorite hot spots.

Now that I’m done blogging for breakfast, it’s time for dessert.  My buddy Steve (shown on the left) sent me a text last night.  My personal batch of Mangonadas are done and ready for pick up!  Oh my goodness… HOLD MY CALLS!

I’m a San Antonio, Texas REALTOR® with a wide variety of interests. If I’m not House-Hunting, I’m hunting for great “House-to-Home” ideas! ~Agent Val

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