My Mother’s Day

On this Mother’s Day, I not only reflect on the life I was blessed with but the lessons I’ve learned over the years. It doesn’t matter how old I get, I still need my Mom’s presence, her advice, her love and her understanding.  I am fortunate to still have my Mom on this earth.

My three young brothers and I were taught to pray, have faith and to forgive.  What made my 4′-11″ Mom the powerhouse that she was (and still is) is the red carpet my Dad placed before her.  He made sure we treated her like a Queen… that we respected her… that we honored her… that we obeyed her without question or doubt.

My Mom lives her life fearing God… I live my life fearing Mom!  🙂

One of my favorite movies is Rocky.  I love the love story, I love the humbleness of the hero and I love the inspiration.  Throughout the Rocky series, Rocky kneels before each fight and prays.  (Except for the first Clubber Lang fight, which he loses).

In Rocky II, on his way to fight Apollo Creed, Rocky speeds to an apartment building where his Priest lives.  Since Rocky’s running late, he yells for the Priest to come to the window and asks him to “throw down a blessing.”  The Father says a quick prayer and makes the sign of the cross.  Rocky kisses the cross on his necklace, thanks the Priest, hops in his Trans-Am and screeches down the street to fight his big fight.

I admire Rocky’s faith.  I know he’s a fictional character, but I appreciate the foundation created for his character.

In my life, I run into “fights.”  I have my “battles.”  I have my challenges.  When I can’t find the strength to stand, I’ll kneel.  There have been times when I need an extra prayer, whether it’s for a personal issue or for a business transaction, and I’ll find myself looking for an extra blessing.  As old as I am, I still call my Mom and ask her to “throw down a blessing.”  Many years ago, I explained to Mom what those words meant to me.  Now, I can call her and ask her to “throw down a blessing,” and she’ll stop what she’s doing to say a prayer for me.

Everything I do and everything I am, I have my Mom and Dad to thank.  If you’ve ever felt like I did something good for you, it wasn’t “me.”  It was the blessings from God that passed through my loving Mom.  My cup over-floweth and I’ll share it with you.

Mom, I love you.  I was your first born and your first experience at being a Mother.  And from the moment our eyes first met, I’ve never wanted to leave your side.  Thank you for your teachings, your support and unconditional love.  I want to be like you when I grow up.  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!


Your FAVORITE child


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