5 Tips to Prepare Your Home For Sale

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There are so many indicators flashing and pointing to the light at the end of the tunnel.  HOUSES ARE A HOT COMMODITY, AGAIN!  Two big indicators are Appraisals and Surveys.  Once they’re ordered, it usually takes about a week to get results.  Nowadays, it’s taking about two weeks!  (Meaning they are backed-up on orders).  Another huge indicator:  Sellers are not only seeing multiple offers, but Buyers are lining up to see the same popular house on the block.  TRUE STORY!

If you’re on the fence about selling your house… let me give you a little nudge:
BUYERS DON’T HAVE ENOUGH INVENTORY!  Your property might be the one they’re waiting for.

For the biggest BANG for your BUCK, here’s a list of “5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Sale”

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