When looking for a rental, should I hire a REALTOR or an Apartment Locator?

Published on Mar 31, 2016

Frequently Asked Question:


“When looking for a rental, should I use a REALTOR® or an Apartment Locator? What’s the difference?”

I’ve been receiving a lot of rental referrals lately. One of the first questions I’m asked from renters is, “how does this work?” in regard to my service. The other question that most people ask (or hesitate to ask) is, “what do you charge? Do I pay you?”

My name is Val Aranda and I’m a Texas REALTOR® in San Antonio. This short video will explain what my FREE RENTAL SERVICES include. I will also briefly explain what an Apartment Locator does.

Are you new to San Antonio or are you just looking for a new place to hang your hat?

Whether you’re looking to buy, build, sell, or rent, I’m at your service. Let me know how I can help you!

~Agent Val



Val J Aranda, REALTOR®

2012 NW Military Highway, San Antonio, TX 78213
Call/Text Val: 210-378-5987


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