Casa Blanca, Alamo Ranch – The experience

casa blancaI love going to the movies, bowling, and wining & dining. Now, at Casa Blanca – Alamo Ranch, we can enjoy the splendors of a date night (or night out with friends) all in one place!
The seats are reserved. You’ll know if you have recliners when you order. When you arrive to the theater, go directly to a kiosk and select, “pick up tickets.” As soon as you swipe the credit card you used for your online purchase, your tickets will dispense! SO EASY – SO COOL! (You can also enter your order number to get your tickets).
There will likely be a LONG line waiting to turn onto Alamo Ranch Parkway (between Casa Blanca and Lowe’s). Go to the next entrance, you’ll see “Now Open” flags. That small road will take you directly to the theater’s parking lot. Since few people took this road, there were plenty of parking spaces when we arrived.
Not all theaters offer table-side food delivery and the fancy electronic recliners. THEATER #12 is one with both dining and reclining! FINALLY, we get to feel at home in a movie theater. Stretch your legs, lean back, and have someone walk in front of you from time to time – just like home! There’s ample space between rows, so for once, no one was kicking the back of my seat or smacking my head with a purse. IT WAS AWESOME!
They have a fancy call-light instead of the antiquated paper notice when it’s time to order food and drinks. We ordered popcorn, beer, a slice of pizza, and a Bleu Burger with fries. THE FOOD WAS FOODGASMIC. I loved my burger (when I finally got it)! You can order a whole pizza and they’ll deliver it to you in a pizza box.
I was expecting some hiccups in food service since this was opening day. Our meal ended up being complimentary since it arrived so late in the movie.
I had hopes for grandeur. I expected to walk in and gasp with my hand over my heart, like I did when Palladium opened. Casa Blanca is a single-story little sibling to Palladium. But what they’ve jam-packed is impressive nonetheless. Kiosks as you enter (instead of a ticket booth), a bar to your left with 16 bowling lanes behind it, a bar and food service to your right, Starbucks and ice cream in the center, a video game room in the rear left corner, and 16 movie theaters along the back. Casa Blanca was smaller than what I expected, but I will still claim this as my new place for movies! As for the bowling, when the hype dwindles, I would totally bowl here. For just over $20/hour for up to 8 people, it just might be better than Main Event.
~Agent Val
(Blogging is for fun, real estate is for life!)
casa blanca1
(from left to right: David G., Anne G., Blanca B., and Val Aranda)


Keeping my day job.

Val J Aranda, Metro Realty – San Antonio, TX

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