WHERE KIDS EAT FREE (or really, really cheap)

[in San Antonio, TX]

It’s no secret kidseatfreethat parents have superhuman powers, but like any superhero, parents have to hang their cape once in a while (even if it’s to throw it in the laundry basket).

So, during those days when SuperMom and/or SuperDad turn into taxi drivers, project managers, volcano engineers and core mathematicians, here’s a list of fabulous places where KIDS CAN EAT FREE (or really, really cheap).  ENJOY!

KidsEatFreeSanAntonio (pdf)

Kids Eat Free 2015

“Offering ‘Valet’ Real Estate Service Around the Clock!”  If you have general real estate questions, I’m always on-call.  Whether you’re a Home Buyer, Home Seller or a Tenant… I’ll gladly tailor my service to suit your needs.

Val J Aranda, REALTOR® & Certified Home Marketing Specialist

“Coaching first-time Texas Home Buyers and Sellers”

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4007 McCullough Ave, Suite #477
San Antonio, TX 78212 | Call/Text Val: 210-378-5987
*I’m ALWAYS on-call* 

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