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In short, there are NO PUBLIC SITES who can publish listings in real-time. Real-time listings are limited to REALTORS® who are members of their local Board and who are subscribed to the Board’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

The closest to “real-time” you can get today is from updates every 15 minutes. All other public websites update so sporadically that it’s difficult to know what’s current. Some sites are even known to throw in some OLD & SOLD listings just to generate business. So, be careful where you register your personal information.

For THE MOST CURRENT listing data, you can rely on your REALTOR®. Not only do we have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), but we can and will contact listing agents for the most updated listing status, current offer situation, and/or showing availability.



If you are a customer or client of Val J Aranda, Metro Realty, and would like REAL-TIME LISTINGS when they come available, please submit the form below. Your information will be kept confidential. NO WORRIES – NO SPAM!

Home staging: Does it make a difference?

It seems to be universally accepted that home staging will help your home sell faster or for the best price—it’s been the common practice in the real estate business for a long time, and on the surface it seems like a no-brainer. Of course potential buyers will be more interested if a home is properly decorated, right?

That’s not necessarily true, according to a recent academic study. The study surveyed 820 homebuyers by showing them one of six virtual tours of the same property. In some instances the home was decorated with traditional furniture and color schemes, while in others more eccentric furniture and colors were used. In other tours there was no furniture at all, just empty rooms.

The overall results of the study were that staging is unlikely to increase a home’s sale price, and that staging isn’t quite as important as everyone believes.

Of course, real estate trends vary greatly from market to market. If you have questions about staging, talk to your trusted real estate professional.

A Special Note from Agent Val: In many neighborhoods within the greater San Antonio area, staging is extremely helpful. Want to know what’s best for your property? Contact me today. I’ll be happy to preview your property and offer a free no-obligation consultation.


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House Apps for Cell Phones


Today, I was researching Real Estate Apps from my phone. On one of the applications, I saw a user’s comment that read, “I want to find information on a house (online) before I bother a REALTOR®.” I’m sure I speak for many of us when I say, “PLEASE, BOTHER US!” For one, it’s not a “bother,” it’s what we do for a living; give us the task. Why waste hours online (or on phone apps) searching for information when we can email/text the most up-to-date details in minutes?

If you’re actively house-hunting online, might as well contact a professional who can point you in the right direction. Not only will it save you time, but it will save time for the REALTOR® you’ll eventually hire.

There are SO MANY real estate sites where shoppers can begin their house-hunt. Unfortunately, most of the sites take days to update listing statuses.  What’s the inconvenience?  By the time a potential Buyer contacts a local REALTOR®, the home they fell in love with (online) is either sold or no longer available.

House-HuntingWHERE DO REALTORS® HOUSE HUNT?  We are members of our local Real Estate Board.  We pay dues to access the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  As soon as a REALTOR®/Listing Agent inputs a new listing, changes a price on a listing or places a house back on the market, we have access instantly.

WHERE DO OTHER REAL ESTATE SITES OBTAIN THEIR LISTINGS?  It starts with MLS; from MLS it is forwarded to REALTOR.COM.  From REALTOR.COM, listings can be syndicated to all the other Real Estate web sites.  Some syndicate within 24 hours while others might take days or even weeks to sync.  At REALTOR.COM, they update every 15 minutes!

So, if you still want to surf online or check out a phone app for property listings, I highly recommend REALTOR.COM (yes, there’s an app for that).  However; if you’re ready for up-to-the-minute listing information, contact a REALTOR®/Buyer’s Agent.  Remember, Listing Agents (and Builders) represent the Sellers.  You have the right to hire your very own, “Buyer’s Agent.”  In many cases, it will not cost you a penny to hire one.  BOTHER A REALTOR® TODAY!

*PERSONAL NOTE FROM VAL:  I don’t mind text messages and/or emails if you want to ease your way into the whirlwind of real estate.  I understand most folks prefer an online introduction before a phone call and/or face-to-face meeting.  You can count on me to provide essential information that will help you make careful and educated real estate decisions.  ~Val J Aranda, Metro Realty (San Antonio, TX)

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