A Little About Val

Val J Aranda, REALTOR®

I was raised in a Military family and learned discipline and responsibility at a very early age. As the daughter and eldest child of a U.S. Marine, I was groomed for leadership (just ask my three younger brothers).

Every three years, we had to pick up our roots and settle into a new home. We lived in Hawaii, the East Coast, the West Coast and many states in between. I was raised in a melting pot of people and cultures. I embrace diversity.

I studied architectural drafting, mechanical drafting, and architecture. After college, I served in the U.S. Army and eventually found my way into real estate.


In 5th grade I wrote, “What I want to be when I grow up.” I wanted to be a police officer or a teacher. Fast forward to adulthood – during my first few years in real estate, I was wondering: “How in the world did I land a sales job?!” It wasn’t until I realized that I was “serving my community” and “teaching” buyers and sellers, that I FINALLY fell in love with my career choice! Real Estate found ME.


From our first handshake to closing day (and beyond), I’m at your service! Your real estate goals are my top priority.

I’m a Texas REALTOR® offering around-the-clock consultations.  The posts, comments, articles and advice offered on this site are based on my personal experiences.  While each REALTOR® conducts business differently, we (as REALTORS®) are committed to strict ethical standards of practice and a fiduciary duty to our clientele.

Here is a brief summary of the services available to my clients:

  • Real Estate Advice (whether it’s your first time or not)
  • Home Search and Find (from condominiums to luxury homes)
  • Property Evaluations for Home Purchases
  • Comparative Market Analysis for Listings
  • Homestead Exemption Assistance (Tax Discount offered after move-in)
  • Tax Dispute Assistance (for property owners)
  • Financial Resource (Mortgage, Refinance and/or Credit Repair)

If you have a question, I’ll find the answers!  Don’t let these concerns keep you up at night.  I’m here to help you.



Val J Aranda, REALTOR® & Certified Home Marketing Specialist

“Coaching Texas Home Buyers and Sellers”

Metro Realty Logo

4007 McCullough Ave, Suite #477
San Antonio, TX 78212 | Call/Text Val: 210-378-5987
*I’m ALWAYS on-call* 



  1. Hello, I would like to offer our services of credit restoration to your company. In real estate some clients don’t have enough established credit to get the property they want and I want to help with that.

    Please feel free to contact me for further details. Email would be the fastest way to get to me.

    Thank you

    Ill be looking forward to hearing from you

  2. Good Morning Val…
    We look forward to connecting with you…
    I see that you offer financial referrals, we would like to be included in that…
    We are in the Real Estate Consulting Business…
    We specialize in Consulting for the HomeOwner/Buyer…
    Our goal is to obtain the best Financing for their individual needs…
    We look forward to assisting them with their Mortgage needs..
    We are located in Downtown Woodbury New Jersey…
    Feel free to share our contact information, listed below…
    Phone 856-853-1234…

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