Property Preparation: Should I make repairs or sell as-is?

We all get comfortable in our homes and may even forget about the few bumps and bruises in our property.  When a home owner starts thinking about selling the house, they (we) often wonder, “should I fix things or can I wait to see what a buyer says?”

In my experience with buying and selling real estate, I’ve quickly learned that fixing things will help earn more money. So my advice to future home sellers is, “fix it.” The truth is, most of us don’t like to buy things that require repair. We don’t even like to buy things that advertise, “some assembly required.”

Statistics prove that homes in good repair and in move-in ready condition will earn a higher sales price than a home in need of repair. If a house needs fixing or cosmetic improvements, the asking price will most definitely take a hit when offers come in.

SO HOW MUCH WILL IT COST A SELLER TO MAKE REPAIRS? Believe it or not, removing the fuzzy wallpaper and replacing it with fresh paint will COST LESS than the loss from low-ball offers.  After thousands of home tours, I’ve learned a Buyer will over-estimate for repairs and/or upgrades.  So if a Seller is hoping that the $200 paint job can wait, they need to reconsider. What may cost $200 to fix could result in a couple of thousand dollars reduced from the list price.

BOTTOM LINE:  A little fresh paint, steam-cleaned carpets and a sparkling clean house will help a seller earn more money every time!  Don’t forget to de-clutter and organize every space in the property, especially closets and cabinets.  If you look organized, your new buyer will feel they can be just as organized when they buy your house.

“Valet Real Estate Services Around the Clock!”  If you have general real estate questions, I’m always on-call.  Whether you’re a Home Buyer, Home Seller or a Tenant, I’ll gladly tailor my service to suit your needs.” 

~Agent Val, Your Trusted Real Estate Adviser

Texas law requires all real estate license holders to provide the Information About Brokerage Services to all prospective clients. TREC’s Consumer Protection Notice.


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