GETTING READY FOR A LISTING APPOINTMENT: A Homeowner’s Checklist of Helpful Documents and Paperwork to Gather

If you have an upcoming listing appointment with a REALTOR®, you can be a few steps ahead by having some paperwork ready. Below is a checklist of common documents often requested by the Team who will list and sell your property. These documents and/or records will help your Agent get more familiar with your property. Your records will also help with full disclosure for the next potential buyer.


HELPFUL NOTE: All property owners should be present during the initial listing appointment. 

  • Most recent Mortgage Statement (Primary)
  • Most recent Statement of any other liens on the property
    • Vendor Lien
    • Tax Lien
    • Mechanic’s Lien
    • Judgment(s) payable at time of closing
    • Home Equity Loan
    • Home Equity Line of Credit
    • Reverse Mortgage
  • Property Survey
  • Home Inspection Report(s) if done within the last 4 years
  • Pest Inspection Report(s) if done within the last 4 years
  • Copies of any current applicable warranties on the house, appliances, and/or fixtures
  • List of Home Improvements with estimated costs for the past 5 years
    • Remodels
    • Upgrades
    • New Appliances
    • New Landscaping
  • List of recent services completed on the house and/or appliances – with receipts
    • Pest Control
    • Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical
    • Appliances
  • List of items you feel are in need of repair and/or servicing
  • List of Appliances included with the sale of the property (with approximate age of the appliance)
  • All items permanently installed are included with the sale of the house unless specifically excluded in writing. Please keep in mind that the more the house offers, the higher the property value, in most cases. List items you wish to keep. (Examples of “permanently installed items” are listed below):
    • Window Coverings (e.g. curtains, blinds)
    • Window Hardware (e.g. rods, mounting brackets)
    • Fixtures
    • Ceiling Fans
    • Chandelier
    • Anything mounted on the wall and/or ceiling
    • Built-in items inside or outside of the property
  • Gather any other applicable information/documentation to offer full disclosure
    • Home Security
    • Home Warranty (Home Protection Plan)
    • Whole-house Audio System/Surround Sound
    • Septic tank location and service records
    • Well location and service records
    • Any leased items on the property (satellite dish, propane tank, security system/cameras)
    • Copies of your most recent utility bills (some buyers will ask what your average expense is)

Listing your property to prepare for your next stage in life can be both rewarding and exciting. With a little planning and preparation, I can help make the listing process stress-free, too!

Thank you!
~Agent Val

Texas law requires all real estate license holders to provide the Information About Brokerage Services to all prospective clients. TREC’s Consumer Protection Notice.


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