5 Common First Time Home Buyer Mistakes

1. They don’t ask enough questions of their lender and end up missing out on the best deal.

2. They don’t act quickly enough to make a decision and someone else buys the house.

3. They don’t find the right agent who’s willing to help them through the home buying process.

4. They don’t do enough to make their offer look appealing to a seller.

5. They don’t think about resale before they buy. The average first-time buyer only stays in a home for four years.

Source: Real Estate Checklists and Systems, www.realestatechecklists.com.

Reprinted from REALTOR® magazine (REALTOR.org/realtormag) with permission of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.


Working with a REALTOR® you trust will help you avoid common mistakes!  Hiring a Buyer’s Agent keeps someone in YOUR corner while you are making (probably) the LARGEST purchase in your lifetime!  If a Seller can have an Agent representing them, why can’t you?  Did you know that most Buyer’s Agents/REALTORS® will not charge you for their services?  That’s right!  We get paid from the Seller and their Agent!

As always, if you have ANY questions about real estate, I’m at your service!  We don’t have to be “Under Contract” for me to offer Real Estate Advice. Buying a home is serious business… I want to make sure you are getting the answers you need to make a confident home buying decision!  ~Val~

“Valet Real Estate Services Around the Clock!”  If you have general real estate questions, I’m always on-call.  Whether you’re a Home Buyer, Home Seller or a Tenant… I’ll gladly tailor my service to suit your needs.”  ~Agent Val, Your Trusted Real Estate Advisor~

Texas law requires all real estate license holders to provide the Information About Brokerage Services to all prospective clients. TREC’s Consumer Protection Notice.


2 thoughts on “5 Common First Time Home Buyer Mistakes

  1. Nice post. In the midst of the getting you first home, you overlook the obvious signs. You should always, always use an experienced buyer’s real estate agent when purchasing a new home.Many people believe that they can simply rely on the listing agent and not hire their own buyer’s agent. Big mistake! Remember, the listing agent works for the Seller, not you. Even if the listing agent is completely honest and professional, they don’t represent you and do not have your best interests at heart. – Just a tip from Homes in Ladera Ranch

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