Tara Home


“Orange” you glad this color can be changed?

What do you think… keep the color or go neutral?


Val J Aranda, REALTOR®

2012 NW Military Highway, San Antonio, TX 78213
Call/Text Val: 210-378-5987



  1. Yellow and Burnt Orange gotta go. Looks like a schizo house. Brick on 1 side, paint on the other. How would you “fix” this?

    • Well, trying to keep the expense under a small budget, we are suggesting that the Seller paint the house to a more neutral color. Something light on the wood siding with a darker color for the trim.

      If they select a beige color for the siding and maybe a darker tan/brown for the trim, it should accent the brick nicely! For less than $2,000 the eye-sore will be fixed and the Seller can recoup that cost when they get higher offers! 🙂

      Thank you for your input! ~Val~

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