Giving Thanks

The Thanksgiving Holiday seems to refresh my spirit with “thanks,” with “love,” with “forgiveness” and much more.  Although I try to renew my spirit throughout the year, there’s something spectacular in the air this time of year.  I’m sure the early Christmas music has something to do with it!

This festive holiday season had an unusual start, though… a sad start.  I read a post from my Aunt on Facebook… she was going to head home from the hospital in “just a few days.”  Recovering from a foot injury, no one was prepared for the phone call just hours later announcing that she had passed away.  My darling Aunt Nina, who was only 51, had a cardiac arrest and died with no one by her side.  Her sons (my cousins) live out of town and her beloved husband had been waiting for her at the pearly white gates.

The Ancira boys (my three fairly young cousins) rushed into town with their families.  We all shared tears, tight hugs, stories and laughter.  We brought them into our home and catered to their every need.  These fine young men have always had a special place in my heart… and without thinking twice, we made sure to tell them they have a a special place in our lives!

This Thanksgiving Season, I’m thankful to have been given the opportunity to give back.  I’m thankful God provided us with just enough to give to those who walked through our door.  I’m thankful for my family and for my friends.


——— Val J Aranda (ever so grateful) —————


Val J Aranda, REALTOR®

2012 NW Military Highway, San Antonio, TX 78213
Call/Text Val: 210-378-5987


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